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Mar 212012


It’s been a hard month at work this month, our business is showing more signs of growth as we had to work on a couple of interesting web related projects.  Our clients are still all happy which is a good sign – after all we aim to please.

As part of this blog, every once in a while we will add a business tip in the hope that we can provide a log of relavent information that we may one day centralise into a single location.  This is because although there is a wealth of information on the net or from government offices in relation to what to do or not to do in starting a business, it is sometimes not obvious or in your face.  Something you may know could be related to an industry you have come from or through the news many years ago, but even the government websites are lacking in relation to useful information for businesses – almost as though they are trying to keep a permanent work force in place rather than a country full of entrepreneurs.

Starting a business is actually quite fun, still challenging, more expensive than it needs to be if you aren’t careful and depending on the industry you are in, a lot of regulatory requirements and/or fees.

A couple of marketing strategies we have tried are print media, radio advertising and of course if you are lucky enough you may see one of us driving around our professionally skinned cars (free plug for Digital Signage Solutions, visit them at they did a fantastic job!).


What we have been in the process of recently is marketing by mailouts, door knocking and we have been considering cold calling / or fax advertising – for the latter, be sure to conform to the ACMA requirements for telemarketers for the latter (info available here:  All the different marketing strategies have pros and cons, some have huge cost differences and should be done with some thought or strategy as to who your target market is and how to approach them best – something we will forever be improving on – like anything we do, it’s always good to improve over time.