10 ways Mitsukibo’s new Web App framework “RapidOS” can add value to your business

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May 072013

When you development a new Web App, it is common to choose one of the many frameworks available so you can focus attention on the business functions rather than the technical and fast-track your product. With so many frameworks available it can be a daunting task to research each and every one of them to ensure they are up to the task.  Even if you have the time to perform such research, should you want to do something different, it can be a sizable task in itself to develop your own. Many businesses choose to skip any real architectural design choices and end up with slow barely maintainable apps with a higher cost of ownership than should have been .

Here are 10 ways which Mitsukibo’s new Web App framework “RapidOS” can add value to your business.

1. Development:

Web Apps can be developed and brought to market quicker enabling the other benefits to be brought forward sooner as well as lowering costs and reducing the risks of long running projects.

2. Efficiency:

Users whether they are clients, staff or management can work more efficiently by working with multiple forms and documents at the same time. This multitasking capability enables a continuous flow of work with less interruption.

3. Security:

Your important data is secured from exploitation giving you peace of mind. Security was part of the systems design from the start and will remain important for the life of the system.

4. Performance:

Users will wait less. RapidOS is faster and smarter! Intelligent caching and lower network traffic than your traditional Web App enables high performance even over a 3G mobile network. Background processing let’s larger tasks run without user interruption.

5. Multiplatform:

Your users expect software to run on their device. With out-of-the-box support for Windows, OSX, Linux, Android and IOS you will have catered for almost everyone.

6. Printing:

Most business applications have the need to print, be it reports, labels or charts. RapidOS has inbuilt printing services including the ability to print to locally attached printers, over a network, over the internet and even from mobile devices using Android and IOS.

7. Charting:

We found charting was so desirable to our clients we built charting services into RapidOS. You can display multiple charts of multiple styles, report on them or just watch them update in near real-time.

8. Branding:

Branding is your businesses identity and its important for client-facing and even sometimes internal-facing Apps that they are branded for your business.

9. Accessibility:

To make your Web Apps more accessible to people with physical impairments, voice recognition facilities are provided to allow speech to text conversion as well as total application control.

10. Flexibility:

You are not tied to any particular look and feel, in fact almost any look and feel can be created with RapidOS gaining instantly the security, performance and platform independence. Want RapidOS to power your conventional looking website but with greater speed? Not a problem.

Contact Mitsukibo today to find out how your new application or an upgraded legacy application could benefit from using RapidOS.