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Mar 242014

RapidFMS is the ideal platform to build your custom Freight Software Solution. We pride ourselves on developing the most up to date solutions with years of investment in R&D to provide our customers with a solid platform to build upon now and for the foreseeable future.

Why Choose Us?

Our core group has over 40 years experience in the transport industry and has recognised the many changes in the way businesses need to dispatch and label their freight for acceptance by their customers while at the same time being compliant with requirements.

We believe RapidFMS to be one of the most advanced high performance freight systems available today with features such as the ability to work on multiple consignments at the same time, sign on glass or the ability to print remotely and directly to thermal or laser printers anywhere across the World even from a tablet or mobile phone.

RapidFMS is compatible with Windows, Linux, MacOS desktop systems as well as iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone devices and more including in-vehicle devices.  Also compatible with the most popular Web Browsers, RapidFMS can be used from anywhere around the World.

The Freight Management System itself has many features that can be tailored to your needs. The system is suitable for a whole range of clients ranging from Freight Brokers, Carriers, Wholesalers / Large Retail chains to Small Businesses.

  • Leveraging off proven development libraries, standards and techniques, we are able to provide customisations to our software in favourable timeframes at highly competitive rates.
  • Users whether they are clients, staff or management can work more efficiently by working with multiple forms and documents at the same time. This multitasking capability enables a continuous flow of work with less interruption.
  • Your important data is secured from exploitation giving you peace of mind. Security was part of the system’s design from the start and will remain important for the life of the system.
  • Users will wait less. RapidFMS is faster and smarter! Intelligent caching and lower network traffic than your traditional Web App enables high performance even over a 3G / 4G mobile network. This is particularly important when using mobile or in-vehicle devices.
  • Your users expect software to run on their device. With out-of-the-box support for Windows, OSX, Linux, Android and IOS you will have catered for almost everyone.
  • Most business applications have the need to print, be it reports, labels or charts. RapidFMS has inbuilt printing services including the ability to print to locally attached printers, over a network, over the internet and even from mobile devices using Android and IOS.
  • We found charting was so desirable to our clients we built charting services into RapidFMS. You can display multiple charts of multiple styles, report on them or just watch them update in near real-time.
  • Branding is your business’ identity and it’s important for client-facing and even sometimes internal-facing Apps that they are branded for your business.
  • With its modular design, RapidFMS is easily extensible allowing additional functionality to be added easily as your business grows.
  • RapidFMS has inbuilt document repositories for document or images storage and retrieval.
  • B2B Internet Services as well as in-house software integration facilities are already built into RapidFMS allowing a greater choice in how you can provide your staff and customer services.
  • An important factor of any project often overlooked is the planned lifespan of a project when making technology choices on which to base it. RapidFMS uses current mainstream marketplace technologies, so you should be able to look back in a decade’s time with a smile.
  • Because of the mainstream technology choices for which RapidFMS is based upon it is easy for you to find those additional development resources as you require.
  • RapidFMS gives you a choice second to none of hosting options. Host it on a server or locally on any of the following – Linux, Windows, OSX or even on Android.
  • With the investment we have already put into RapidFMS, we continually research and invest back into the product providing our customers with regular enhancements, bug fixes and if they ever arise, timely security patches.

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