Apr 082013

Hello all,

It appears there is growing evidence that traditional shopping practices are being complemented or even replaced by electronic / Internet commerce.  Please refer to the following article from The Age.

“Shoppers are continuing to desert stores in droves – and it’s all due to the internet…” –
Why retailers will fail if they don’t turn to tech – theage.com.au – 5/4/2013

I still believe there are too many businesses out there who are neglecting their online presence or at least don’t understand how important having one is.  They are surely losing potential customers as a result.

Times have certainly changed and your customers are no longer picking up the Yellow Pages to find local businesses in their area.  They are going straight to and using Google instead.

Having a professional, attractive website is one of the most effective ways to have people remember your brand and contact you for further services.  Remember that all the marketing will revolve around your website too.

So if you are a business owner yourself, please consider getting a really effective website up and running.  Or if you already have one, make sure that it is up to date and looks modern.

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Good luck.


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