Sep 092013

Just a quick followup of 10 ways Mitsukibo’s new Web App framework “RapidOS” can add value to your business

11. Extensibility:

With its modular design, RapidOS is easily extensible allowing additional functionality to be added easily as your business grows.

12. B2B/Integration:

B2B Internet Services as well as in-house software integration facilities are already built into RapidOS allowing a greater choice in how you can provide your staff and customer services.

13. Longevity:

An important factor of any project often overlooked is the planned lifespan of a project when making technology choices on which to base it. RapidOS uses current mainstream marketplace technologies, so you should be able to look back in a decade’s time with a smile.

14. Resourcing:

Because of the mainstream technology choices for which RapidOS is based upon it is easy for you to find those additional development resources as you require.

15. Hosting:

RapidOS gives you a choice second to none of hosting options. Host it on a server or locally on any of the following – Linux, Windows, OSX or even on Android.

16. Supported:

We provide friendy ongoing support to customers RapidOS and RapidOS based products.

17. Future:

With the investment we have already put into RapidOS, we continually research and invest back into the product providing our customers with regular enhancements, bug fixes and if they ever arise, timely security patches.


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