Nov 162013

Was thinking about how some projects seem to be run where the developers think they are being paid per line of code, e.g. $1 per line – 100 lines = $100. At least some of the off-shored projects that we’ve had re-develop for our clients must have been taught this at school – 10,000+ lines of code for a form that should have been a tenth that? šŸ˜€

I wonder if in a typical project, a form could be gauged to be 1000 lines on average for a good developer, you’d end up with better code by the off shored service providers if you paid them for the lines less than the average that the developers didn’t code ‘below’ the average? You could have $1 per line as a starting value for a good developer and potentially double it for a master… Any lines of code outside the average, maybe they didn’t deserve to be paid.

Ideally such a metric isn’t perfect and would require some more thought… Time factors could also be added in a similar way in paying people for their efficiency rather than their deficiency. Could be a fun way to encourage projects to be more efficient.


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