May 082014

I don’t normally review products but i was lucky enough to get hold of a Nokia Lumia 1320 and in so many ways it is so bad i couldn’t help but to review it. And it is beyond iPhone bad when iPhone couldn’t even copy and paste or put files in folders.

i am actually struggling to type this review on the actual device. When using it one of the first things you’ll notice is how basic the keyboard is and how quirky it operates and the fact almost half of the characters you’ll use regularly are on another page – just try typing lots of URLs and numbers, yikes! Even the enter key randomly puts lots of carriage returns from a single push.   i dare not type multiple paragraphs in this review as it just works so badly. The keyboard also isn’t transparent and takes up 3/4s of the screen. The web browser doesn’t let you change its homepage and you are stuck with whatever crap happens to be preset. Games with in-app purchases are risky to play as you cannot tell which purchases cost real money or play money. The camera wont take photos the right way up and the camera roll is also full of upside down photos, even after you correct them. But the worst thing of all is the screen. As clear and bright as it is, i use the phone exclusively in landscape mode and 2/3rds of the text is printed sideways. The phone definitely marks a new low in the Nokia range of phones. I had enough typing in here as the phone just makes my head spin.


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