Feb 172012

I was at my local computer special interest group the other day and was speaking with one of the members who owns a shop.  We were catching up and he was interested in knowing what I was doing these days.

When I mentioned that I was in eCommerce and setting up online stores for other businesses he bawked and said he would never want an online store.  As the night went on, I heard him mention how difficult his business was lately and it was mainly due to competition from the online space – wow I thought to myself, how can I convert this guy’s way of thinking that maybe his business wouldn’t be suffering if he too had an online store?

I know some customers will be more difficult to preach the benefits to than others, but I hope that we can help them as much as we can in not just realising the marketplace is changing – but in assisting them to make the transition and give them some confidence in doing so.  Add to my roadmap – try to “sell him the benefits” of having an online store.


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